Tips and Tricks : Candy Coating

I love to ‘candy coat’ objects on my cards! Candy coating is a technique to gloss up an item and add dimension to it. I know two ways of ‘candy coating’, they are embossing and glossy accents. Below are some things you’ll need to have in order to do candy coating.

Today’s focus will be on Glossy Accents! I love LOVE love this! Glossy Accents is produced by Ranger under the category of Inkssentials. *I’m a big fan of any Ranger item* What glossy accents do is add dimension to your project. It’s in a liquid form, so simple apply it to your project! It is precise because of the fine tip but if you are doing small fine details, it might be harder.

Why I love glossy accents? Application is easy and can be applied onto any project that has a large surface, less work & mess as compared to embossing. As it is in a liquid form it acts as a glue too! You can control how much dimension you want by the amount you apply. It is water based  too, which means it works ‘magic’ with the distress inks!

Some pointers: Glossy accents takes a while to harden, I normally leave it to dry for a night. NEVER shake your bottle of glossy accents as it will create bubbles in the liquid causing little air bubbles during application.

Lastly, the image below is how liquid glossy accents looks like, I’ve just applied some on my project and I’m leaving it out in order for it to harden.

Here are some projects that I’ve complete with glossy accents. Notice the shine? The dimension is not obvious on camera but it is a hard ‘candy coating’ once it has fully harden. A nice finish to any project.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this simple tip in candy coating! Till next time.


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