Mist Bottles

Inkssentials or Hero Arts?

If you read my blog you would know I broke my mist bottle previously so I was on a hunt for mist bottles for two reasons:

  1. A replacement bottle for my glitter mist
  2. A water mister for my distress inks

Unknowingly, inkssential and hero arts both have mist bottles but are designed differently. I pre-order my hero arts water mist bottle from simonsays and got the inkssential mister from a local craft store.

Here are their difference:

  1. Bottle design
  2. Tube’s length
  3. Purpose

The most obvious is that both companies shape their bottle differently and in the image below, you can see the different in their tube’s length.

It is quite obvious how both companies design their tube differently, both have their different advantages too! Hero art’s would be able to reach any amount all the way to the bottom of the bottle unlike inkssential’s. However, inkssential’s tube is stiff and straight, so it is really good if you have a tendency to tilt your bottle.

Inkssential also states that it’s bottle is suitable for water, inks, dyes and others while Hero arts’s mister only states it as a water mister. So I decided to use Hero arts’s water mister as a water mister and fill my remaining glitter mist into the inkssential bottle (:

I also realised Hero arts’s bottle is similar to my bottle of glitter mist! Image below:

Notice the spoilt mister on the left?

Let’s hope the misters will work well! Till next time… happy crafting!


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