Tips and Tricks: Keeping Your Stamps Sparkly Clean

How to keep your stamps clean!

Most of my stamps are clear stamps therefore cleaning them allows them to look less stained. Some inks are especially stubborn but I just want to maintain clean stamps and by cleaning them  the right way  would maintain their clean clear looks!

Here’s what you need:

  1. Cleaner solvent
  2. Stamp scrubber

I’ve tried this 2 solvent and my favourite is…. Ultra Clean! Both cleaners will clean off the ink but the Ultra Clean solvent seems to feel ‘oily’. After cleaning my stamps I normally dry it with tissue; with the Ultra Clean tissue does not stick onto the stamps while Grandma’s Secret tends to get tissue stuck on my stamps. Therefore I would recommend Ultra Clean, it’s good for clear and rubber stamps!

Double Stamp Scrubber! Spray your solvent onto the pad and scrub your stamps clean! It’s is actually fine thread like, so it cleans ink off your stamps! Even the tiniest / finest details will not be missed.

One side of the scrubber is removable, so it’s the side that I would take out and wash when I’m done with my stamping. You can see how stained it is, as it does remove almost all of the ink on my stamps.

Lastly, if you don’t want to invest in a scrubber & solvent, wet wipes works as well but they don’t work as well. Any brand of wet wipes would do but remember to pick those that has no alcohol.

Hope your stamps would stay squeek clean!


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