Haul: JA’ Create Scrapbooking

Guess what! I’m finally a smasher! Well, not exactly one yet… but I’m finally owe a smash book(s)! If you are wondering what Smash is… Here’s 2 videos you need to watch!

Roughly know what Smash is about? Here’s today’s haul! I’ve got 2 smash books (pink & yellow) they are for different purpose. I’ve got 4 smash pads too, as they are so versatile. I’ve got myself a pack of pockets too, as you never know when you are so busy, you cant Smash straight away. Smash stickies are so cute, the tags have perfect quotes! Lastly, the smash date stamper!

Why smash? – Well, these books are filled with pretty papers and they are just the right size! Each book comes with a pen + glue, how cool right? It makes scrap booking so much easier! I can’t wait to use it. Will show case some of my pages, if it turns out well :b



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