Travel: Bintan Clubmed

Since it’s the summer holidays, my family decided a short vacation before school started. Since it’s summer the ideal place would be a beach! A place to unwind, relax and be away from reality. After consideration, the choice was to visit Bintan once again.

It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve visited that island. So far, it’s one of the best beach I’ve been too. I’ve tried out a few of the resorts there during my past visits but ClubMed is the best so far. Not much has change these past 4 years, the concept has stayed pretty much the same, with some improvements. For example: there’s wi-fi now, at certain locations. They’ve also included free snacks in between meals! Lastly, more entertainment during the night!

The concept of the G.O.s and G.L.s from different parts of the world is just one big great selling point! Bintan might be a beach resort but you get to meet people from all around the world! Chief of the village, while i was there, is from Australia and he sure know’s how to move the crowd to dance and party~

Clubmed structure has not changed at all. The buildings are low and lovely designed. I love how much different the day and night set up are!

As for the rooms, they are comfy. My family usual would be a room with a sea view. It is slightly located off the main building but the view is excellent. When I visited the place 4 years ago, they’ve just renovated the rooms, thus they were very new! 4 years later… It’s obvious that the rooms are ‘older’ but the rooms are still neat and well kept.

Food has been good as usual! International buffet for all 3 meals! Yums!!! Plus a sweet tooth like me is always looking forward to the dessert section!! This time, since the bar serves most drinks for ‘free’ now, I decided to try most of their mock tails! I’m a girl who loves her fruit juice mixed!! Tried – Apple pie, fruit punch, oasis, sunshine. Best is Sunshine so far, the combination is just refreshing! Or maybe… I just like passion fruit a lot!

Even though Bintan is known for its beach, I end up spending my last hour at the beach… for real! For the past 3 days, I was ‘hopping’ around playing ping-pong, tennis, badminton and golf! I have never played so much athletic games in my entire life! So this was new… but I could not go to bintan and not visit the beach, right? So I hit the beach for a few hours for some shots!

I woke up early for one of the morning just to catch the sunrise. It was so early but worth it! Lovely colours nature has to offer!

While I was by the beach, I love the fact that there are so many hermit crabs there!!! When I was younger, I used to come to here to pick shells but I realised there were crabs living in them. So I filled a bucket with sand and water and placed the shells in it but now that I’m older, I ‘capture’ such moment with my camera 😉 So much for growing up! Look at all the shells!!

Since it’s a beach resort, I was lucky enough to attend the gold demo by the beach! So happens that during this trip, my family spent the most time playing golf. The golf demo was pretty cool! Hitting balls into the sea in the night. Demonstration by the 2 golf instructors (Jonathan and Bzohn – both from south africa) and the chief of village himself! An eye opener for sure!

One of the night was M.J. night. I’m not a avid fan of him but a few of his music are my favourite playlist. It was good to see some moves and hear his songs. Dance moves was performed by Jonathan, the golf manager all the way from South Africa! I’m impressed that a golfer has moves too!

That’s about it for this entire trip. I just arrived back home today and decided to blog about it so that the memorise will stay fresh!


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