Handmade Envelopes

Heyy, I’ve recently launch a new album of envelopes on the facebook page! You can check the album out for more envelopes to come!

How did it start out? Well, I was looking through my 12×12 paper stash and realise how often I don’t use them, thus I decided to use them to make envelopes! With my handy scor buddy (Yes, I’m loving the investment I made on this equipment) simply score some lines, cute some sides off, punch in some rounded corners and VOILÀ ~ Your own handmade envelope. It may sound easy but getting the right measurements is the key to a successful envelope 😉 I had a few failed tries because of mis-calculations… Overall, it’s a simple procedure to make envelopes using pretty patterned paper! I’m still comparing which option is more economical… Personally, I would use store-bought envelopes when I mail card out but for personal handing, I’ll go with a handmade envelope, like I said, I love wrapping up cards too (: For me, it’s all about the presentation!

What are theses perfect for? It goes amazingly well if you have a card with dimension! With you customizing the envelope, a card with dimension on it slips into a handmade envelope perfectly well! On the other hand, an matching envelope to your card is just another surprise to the person receiving it!

Happy Crafting!


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