Haul: Maple Treehouse

I came across this new craft stores that has BLOWN ME AWAY!!! The prices are so competitive!!! It’s no other than … *drum rolls* MAPLE TREEHOUSE! It’s a new craft store to me, that operates online and has a small office at IMM. Why I’ve already taken a liking to this store? It’s because…

  1. Prices are reasonable!
  2. The range of goods they carry are WIDE!
  3. They operate online so it’s really easy to browse for items.
  4. Most of the items I can’t find at local craft stores are carried by them!

Here’s a the items I got today! I’m gonna disclose the prices (in sgd & without shipping included) because I’m impressed by how much I’ve saved! Just take a look at the math :b

3D foams and memento inks are my essentials!

 [ 3D foams – MTH $2.10 | SSS $2.53 ]

[ Memento set – MTH $11.75 | SSS $12.96 ]

I decided to buy an reinker and an extra pad just in case… Just shows how important these 2 items are too a crafter 😉 I’ve saved quite a bit from this 2 items as SSS shipping would cost more and MTH actually offered a better price!

lawn fawn

[ 4×6 Set – MTH $16.50 | LF $19 ]

[ 3×4 Set- MTH $10.50 | LF $10.17 ]

I went crazy at the lawn fawn section, decided to stock up some critters as I do not have much of their critter set. Overall, these prices are pretty close but I’ve saved a bit of shipping and I decided to ‘let go’ of the free ‘thank you’ stamp LF includes when you purchase directly from them.

Dew drops

[ Dew Drops – MTH $1.75 | SSS $3.16 ]

These are one of the new items to my craft collection. I’ve not tried memento colours… So since they were at such a tempting offer, why not? I got a few to try out the colours!

jenni bowlin

[ Jenni Bowlin –  MTH $ 5.25 | SSS $5.71 ]

I screamed in my heart when I saw these ink pads on sale!!!!! I’ve been considering whether to purchase them anot… Local craft stores did not import these ink pads as they were not that popular as compared to the other brands… So I was kinda disappointed when I had to order them from SSS as they were quite costly and I try to keep in budget when ordering from the states but MTH had the colours!!!

I would have bought a lot more colours but I decided to hold back a little and not shop on impulse… As these were new inks to me… I gave up my all time favourite ‘cough syrup’ as I picked a similar colour with the memento dew drops… Oh well… there’s next time…

That’s the last of today’s haul. I’ve got to say… I’m just impressed by the price and range! If the prices stay that competitive and their range of products keep growing, they’ve got themselves a regular! I can’t wait to try out the new items I’ve bought. I saved quite a bit *YAY* and I’ve spent quite a bit too… All for the love of crafting! 

*Please note; all prices are not fixed as an exchange rate was being used. All prices are displayed for knowledge purpose only. Prices may vary as time passes as prices quoted might be available only during a sales.


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