Haul: Maple Treehouse

SUMMER HAUL! Well not really… 

Went by the shop to collect my summer distress pad! It’s been a while and I finally went to collect them. Cant wait to use them because it’s summer and the colours are perfect! Can’t wait to try the blue in this set.

Got 2 new twine colours, got a small bundle as the colours are so pretty!!!! I love twine but I seldom use them… Perfect when i gift wrap but seldom used on cards or projects.

Got a black memento marker! I plan to do some drawing in the future and colouring done with copie markers. Cant wait to try this out because it’s suppose to be fade resistant.

Lastly, maple treehouse papers! These are the distress – tear – papers. The colours are lovely, they aren’t too thick too, as it’s made for tearing. I love how both sides are coloured differently, will try tearing them and see how they turn out…

Not a big haul this time but i’m trying my best to buy what I need. Crafting can turn into hoarding sometimes with all the pretty stuff! Especially for someone who lovessssss coloursssss… Anyway, I will be using these items for a ‘project-in-progress’, for my summer vacation. Let’s hope my idea will turn out fine… Still a work in progress, so stay tune 😉


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