Christmas in the Tropics (ATCAS#1)

Well it’s already the middle of November  That means christmas is getting closer! Living on an island near the equators means I don’t get to experience winter or snow but I do get a lot of rain and thunder. As i’m typing this, it’s pouring outside! Anyway, here’s to a new challenge by Addicted to CAS:-

Snow doesn’t really mean much here because we don’t get any but I love the patterns of snow! Do you know every snow is different in pattern?? Like our finger prints! How cool right? Before i go off topic, here’s a simple card I made, to kick start the christmas card making soon, i hope...


15 thoughts on “Christmas in the Tropics (ATCAS#1)

  1. I know what you mean, no snow here for me either. I love all your snowflakes in all the different colours. Thanks so much for playing along at our first ATCAS challenge! xx

  2. No snow for us at this time of the year either! Love your brightly coloured snowflakes Janna. Thank you so much for joining our very first ATCAS challenge. I look forward to seeing many more of your lovely creations.

  3. Thank you so much for joining us for our first ever challenge at Addicted to CAS and with such a pretty card, love how your snowflakes are so bright very clever and love the design of the sentiment, can I ask is this a stamp and who’s is it ?


    • Thanks for the compliments.

      Yup, entire card was just plain stamping. The snow pattern and sentiments are from papertreyink. Direct link to their shop is on the banner to the right (:

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