Big Shot or Cuttle Bug?


I’ve been looking round and still deciding if i should get a big shot or a cuttle bug? These 2 machines are the most popular I’ve seen most crafters used. Well, it’s been close over a year since I’ve started crafting and have taken this purchase into deep consideration. I know these machines are not cheap, all over a hundred dollars, that’s why I’ve been taking so long to come to a decision. I also noticed that the metal dies aren’t that cheap as well. It looks like a $300 invest for me 😀 Honestly, with that money, I could buy more stamps, copic markers and other craft stuff. Thus, I’m looking through reviews and comparison to help me facilitate my choice.

At the moment, I’m still in favor with the cuttle bug, as it is compact and sturdy. I don’t see myself needing an xtra large die plate in the future and I feel that it’s the only reason why people get the Big shot for. I normally work on cards,  gift wrapping and occasionally scrap/album booking, thus I don’t see a need to emboss or cut objectives bigger than the size CB is providing.

Feel free to drop your opinions on which and why, I would love to hear your views as well (:

ps. I hope to get a decision and purchase my very first die cut machine!!